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Do we agree what DCIM is?

Date: 9th August 2013

The Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) market to some has been understandably a bit confusing over the last few years. Many market analysts have tried to define exactly what it is and predict growth rates and trends, whilst many technology service and solution providers large and small have proclaimed to offer a DCIM solution. This has led to some overall misunderstanding, and even some scepticism, as to the real benefit and value of DCIM.

Any solution should cater for all aspects of your critical infrastructure, not just one or two such as efficiency or power usage, and should enable integration with other building and IT systems. Some of the common functionality across full DCIM tools includes asset management, energy monitoring, network usage, change control, airflow, capacity management, predictive modelling, and colocation specific billing and customer segmentation.

Moreover, whilst DCIM can be deployed in a virtual scenario with manually entered data this will only provide limited information for planning that is useful at the design stage and can help with decision making but does not give an accurate reflection of the true state of the live facility. Therefore, to achieve the true value of the solution it has to be integrated into the actual monitored data giving a real time view.


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