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Benefits of Assembly-line techniques for data centres revealed by the Green Grid

Date: 7th December 2011

Manufacturing techniques that are extensively applied in other industries are now rapidly maturing for the building and deployment of data centres, according to a new report from The Green Grid, the IT industry’s leading voice for advancing resource efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems. The Green Grid’s white paper, “Deploying and Using Containerized/Modular Data Center Facilities,” reveals that pre-engineered and prefabricated data centres demonstrate technical and business value when properly applied.

Organisations can benefit from the modular and prefabricated approach to data centre constructionsince it eliminates the expense of custom engineering and architecture. These pre-engineered structures can be rapidly deployed and can offer improved performance because structural defects are ironed out early in the data centre design process, prior to being dispatched for on-site deployment. Although these structures are mass-produced, organizations can marry modules together and tailor the data centre to their particular needs, climate and location.


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