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CIO’s look to focus IT spending on creating growth

Date: 25th March 2011

IT managers will focus spending on innovation and growth over the coming years, it has been claimed. According to analyst Gartner, CIOs are beginning to dedicate a greater proportion of their budgets towards technologies that will help to increase business.

Gartner’s 2011 CIO Agenda survey, which questioned 2,000 CIOs from around the world, found that IT leaders predict that developments such as internet service-based technologies will free up between 35 to 50 per cent of infrastructure and operational resources for innovation and growth. 

Keysource says: Businesses will need to take a flexible approach that takes advantage of technology best practise to free up capacity and maximise their IT infrastructures. By optimising available data centre space there is an opportunity to make best use of available resources without having to make largescale investments. By better understanding the data centre it is possible to incorporate an appropriate cooling solution to reduce waste and boost performance.


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