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Cold storage: Iceland bids to become data centre

Date: 10th October 2012

Iceland is putting itself forward as a model for the future of data storage and home of cloud computing. Presenting a study ‘Islands of Resilience’, the authors say that although cloud computing and data storage are global facilities, companies are discovering that when it comes to finding a physical home for the banks of servers, it comes down to location, location, location. Samri McCarthy from the International Modern Media Institute, who co-authored the report said there were three factors involved in choosing a location; energy, connectivity and jurisdiction.

Keysource says: The combination of the green and cheap energy supply with the low ambient temperatures certainly makes the country an attractive proposition, especially for data centres that take advantage of the latest free cooling technology. For example, our scalable, free cooling solution does not use the use of additional chillers until the outside temperatures reach 24 degrees Celsius, so free cooling could be achieved for all but a handful of hours each year. However, resilience remains a critical consideration, especially for any colocation or cloud computing facilities, to avoid any unexpected downtime, so like with all potential data centre locations it will be essential to assess and factor in all business and operational requirements.


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