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Cooling measures for data centres

Date: 1st July 2010
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Energy efficient design of data centres is very important, particularly as we enter these more energy-sensitive times. Cooling is the largest power consumer within a data centre infrastructure – more so than the IT equipment itself. Therefore it’s essential to pick the right cooling solution to improve facility energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

To explain further, server cooling  represents one of the critical challenges in data centre and other related technical spaces. Similar to a typical PC, servers require a power supply and need to expend heat roughly equal to the total electrical power input to the device. So air conditioning supply is an important design factor for technical spaces.

Mapping data centre airflow

Some companies use computational flow dynamics (CFD) software to model data centre airflow ; creating a 3D model of technical space. Not only does this software give an invaluable proof of concept, it shows key stakeholders a clear picture of how the facility will operate.

Recent data centre cooling project

Keysource’s expertise in data centre cooling involved them implementing a recent staged upgrade at Elsevier’s Kidlington data centre in Oxfordshire.  This project involved minimum disruption to working conditions for this leading science and health publisher. Half of the data centre air conditioning units   were replaced one by one. And ceiling returns and a very early smoke detection alert (VESDA) were installed to address air-flow issues.

The expertise demonstrated on this project has involved the company being re-engaged in electrical upgrade project with the publisher.


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