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Cooling solution achieves energy saving of 45%

Date: 1st March 2009

Keysource has completed the first facility using its new approach to efficient data centre design that will save at least 45% of the energy requirements of a conventional solution. Leading global oil exploration surveyor Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) is the first organisation to adopt the Ecofris cooling technology, devised by Keysource, for a high performance data centre at the company’s new head office complex in Weybridge, Surrey.

With phase one of the new data centre now operational, initial results have achieved a PUE measurement as low as 1.2. Furthermore, the facility has a DCiE of 80%, where 80% of the total power being consumed by the facility is powering the IT equipment. For PGS the energy savings are expected to be significant. At full IT load and compared to their previous site the Ecofris cooling system design will reduce annual power consumption by 15.8 million kW-h and reduce emissions by 6.8 million kg of CO2 per year (Based on UK grid average).


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