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CRC: only 13% of companies have registered so far

Date: 19th July 2010

Just 651 companies have registered as participants for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme as of 5th July, well below the 5,000 that the Environment Agency is expecting. The scheme raises issues on IT usage, in particular data centres, which can be users of large amounts of power. While the Environment Agency believes that 20,000 large organisations satisfy its criteria, and therefore should register, it only expects 5,000 of these organisations to register as ‘participants’ in the scheme.

In addition to the 651 registered participants, 242 non-corporate information declarers and 2,980 corporate information declarers had so far signed up. However, this means that 16,127 organisations still have to register in some way. Eligible organisations who do not register by 30th September face being fined £5,000, plus an additional £500 per day for each subsequent working day they fail to register up to a maximum of 80 working days.

Read the full article written by Anh Nguyen and published by Computerworlduk here:

Keysource says: Eligible companies can avoid a costly fine by registering before the deadline and the ongoing measurement process does not have to be the burden that some might anticipate. In fact, effective monitoring of energy consumption can actually offer added benefits by enabling a better understanding of energy performance and the identification of areas of improvement.

Many businesses might not expect computing to offer any potential savings as IT requirements continue to increase, but in fact data centres offer an easy win in the energy savings stakes. They can make up as much as a third of an organisation’s power usage, so a relatively small enhancement could result in significant savings and benefits under the CRC scheme. Our Data Centre Audit and energy use assessment services can provide an affordable means of reviewing, monitoring and even changing the energy use of IT facilities to help achieve greater levels of optimisation that will ultimately result in reduced consumption, costs and environmental impact. Talking to Keysource before you make your CRC declaration could make a lot of sense.


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