Using BIM in design

Through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), we design with operations in mind. We can support the implementation of BIM in your project as part of our full design service or in an overseeing capacity.

We engage with all stakeholders to buy into the principles and approach to BIM, as well as co-ordinating the management of the tools throughout. Consistency, attention to detail and commitment to the intended outcome is crucial in ensuring any BIM system delivers value.

The benefits of integrating BIM during design

By collaborating through the design phase and using a 3D model to visualise a facility’s infrastructure and equipment, we create a tool that can be used effectively through the full lifecycle of a facility. This co-ordination and collaboration ensures that costly mistakes are avoided and duplication is eliminated so all services and routes can be planned and laid out for installation. Automatic alerts for potential problems enable designers and planners to consider their approach before issues arise, which saves you time and money.

Scalability through operation

Modular and scalable deployments are widely adopted and are often the most effective way to build out facilities – as future phases can be built into the model to avoid unexpected problems, costs or other issues with upgrading later on. This future-proof approach will reduce risk and help teams whenever they deploy additional infrastructure over time.

Using a central repository for the data associated with the facility, important design and operating information as well as historical maintenance records can all be logged against assets ensuring correct and relevant information is always easily available.

If you are looking to design a new facility or plan the upgrade of an existing environment, our experts will be happy to scope your requirements and explain the benefits of 3D modelling to you.

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