Benefiting from the use of CFD

Our use of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis supports the design development of new facilities and the enhancement and optimisation of existing facilities.

Through complete separation, day-to-day airflow management is reduced or eliminated. However in legacy environments, this is often not the case. Through CFD analysis, we can test the impact of changes ahead of implementation to evaluate the design principles but also reduce, cost, time and risk.

Design visualisation and testing with CFD

Computational Fluid DynamicsAs part of our professional data centre design service, Keysource uses CFD modelling to evaluate and test all our designs. These constant simulations allow us to ensure inlet temperatures are at optimum levels, airflows are being directed correctly and to enable the identification of any potential issues or hotspots. Using this information, we make certain that the solutions we recommend are as efficient and resilient as possible while meeting your IT and business requirements.

Data centre failure simulations

Mechanical failures happen – even in the world’s top data centres. For example, cooling systems can go offline or fans can break. Using CFD modelling, we can simulate these failures to see how they would affect your facility. Our expert design team uses this information to create a design with the maximum resilience required.

CFD audits

Computational Fluid Dynamics AuditingCFD software is also useful for evaluating and assessing the performance of your existing facilities. If you are worried about the performance or efficiency of your current data centre and would like a full site audit, Keysource can use CFD modelling to visualise the airflow within your facility as part of the site analysis. We will pinpoint any areas of inefficiency and recommend on how to make improvements.

Do you need to test the efficiency of your data centre or evaluate a new design? Our experts will be happy to scope your requirements and explain the benefits available to you.

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