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Data centre cooling design, techniques and solutions

Keysource provide data centre cooling design and installation services for solutions including chilled water, fresh air & DX, pipe work, free cooling, rack, zone & room based systems, room layout and air containment solutions and controls packages.

We have gained unrivalled expertise and experience and use our in-depth data centre knowledge to help you understand the options available to ensure we implement the right approach for your facility. 

Expert round table white paper discusses data centre cooling

Keysource Round Table White PapersRaising Inlet Temperatures in the Data Centre

The operational options and cost implications are discussed in the light of range of temperatures recommended by ASHRAE and how you can increase efficiency by raising inlet temperatures in the data centre.

The Use of Fresh Air in the Data Centre

Read the full debate on the use of fresh air in the data centre including how much difference is there when it come to efficiency for a direct fresh air system vs a re-circulating indirect system.

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3 cooling issues

1) Central to a successful data centre cooling solution is to understand the power density requirements of the IT equipment being deployed, and design a solution that not only supports the IT equipment today, but provides the flexibility and scalability moving forward.

2) Cooling is the largest consumer of power within the data centre M&E infrastructure and in many legacy facilities more than the IT equipment itself, so selecting the right solution will have an enormous impact on improving energy efficiency of the facility as a whole and reducing ongoing operational costs.

3) The key to maintaining the right environmental conditions, avoiding hotspots and maximising efficiency is to fully understand and control the airflow within the space and considering the supply of cool air, heat load of the server and heat rejection as one process and not disparate systems.

How can Keysource help

With a vast range of approaches, techniques and products available, Keysource evaluate the merits and suitability of each approach with our clients to allow them to make an informed decision and understand the impact on the maintainability, resilience, floor design, rack & room layout, power infrastructure and protection systems.

At the centre of our cooling design philosophy is the use of CFD software to model the data centre airflow. By creating a 3D model of the facility and demonstrating the way different approaches will perform, the modelling software helps all stakeholders understand how the facility is going to operate.

With a wealth of experience covering DX and chilled water designs for traditional under floor cooling, close coupled products, zone based and air containment systems, fresh air or thermal wheel concepts through to most innovate free cooling designs from our ecofris efficient cooling solutions, Keysource are uniquely positioned to provide unbiased advice.

Our independent experts can help you shape your cooling strategy drawing on the experience of our in-house design, installation and maintenance teams to provide a rounded and practical approach with financial propositions that make sense and save money.

Efficient Cooling

Ecofris R logo

In addition to installing and maintaining multiple manufacturers cooling solutions, Keysource has developed it’s award-winning ecofris approach to data centre cooling.  

ecofris significantly reduces data centre running costs and carbon emissions whilst offering greater flexibility and resilience. Visit ecofris: efficient data centre cooling.

Video Case Study

Dennis Kehoe AIMES

Dennis Kehoe of AIMES describes Keysource's approach to data centre cooling.

AIMES case study

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