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Data centre energy efficiency and PUE

Keysource is leading the way in designing highly efficient and resilient facilities. Did you know the UK average data centre PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) figure is around 2? In simple terms this means for a facility with an IT load of 50kW, a total of 100kW of power is being consumed. 

Everyone can benefit from savings in the way they operate their facility whether it is installing more efficient cooling, simply better data centre airflow management or improved power distribution. The key in all instances is measurement. Day 1 to get a real idea of the PUE of your facility and then ongoing to see what impact any changes have on both the efficiency but more importantly the performance of the space as a whole. Keysource's work with Yorkshire Water is a great example of this.

Best Practice

Keysource is an official endorser of the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency and members of the Green Grid.

Our white papers and three-hour ‘energy efficiency’ seminars are helping data centre operators understand how they can improve overall efficiency and performance. Register today.

PUE - The importance of measurement

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Keysource: Ecofris

ecofris is the enabler to deploying the latest IT technology including high density in a flexible highly efficient solution and as part of a high performance and resilient data centre cooling solution.

Learn more about efficient data centre cooling from Keysource.

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