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Data Centres Code of Conduct failing to make an impact

Date: 1st December 2010

The European Union’s (EU) voluntary Code of Conduct for Data Centres on Energy Efficiency is failing to secure a significant level of support in the UK, according to Sentrum, a specialist in data centre solutions.

Research from the Group showed that by mid-2009, only 12 per cent of companies had adopted the Code of Contact, which is a standardised and accurate way of rating data centres. Only 15 per cent of large UK organisations were found to have adopted it in 2010, a fact that has further fuelled concerns over the industry’s failure to advance the voluntary Code.

Keysource says: If the scheme is not gaining the support as a voluntary code then the only option is to make it mandatory for all data centre operators. It doesn’t have to be particularly stringent in the first instance, but at least it would put a stake in the ground and create a minimum standard that everyone has to comply with. The current level of inefficiency in many facilities is unacceptable, and totally unnecessary, so steps need to be taken if the EU has any chance of hitting its carbon reduction and climate change targets.

We support the aims of the Code of Conduct to reduce energy usage through the adoption of best practices leading to agreed energy savings targets, but there has to be a long-term strategy to ensure that the environmental impact of data centres is reduced. Data centres are already responsible for around three per cent of energy use in the UK and this figure will only increase unless steps are taken to tackle the issue. 

Keysource has a commitment to energy reduction and technological innovation, working closely with our customers to support their need to improve data centre performance and drive down energy consumption.


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