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Data centres experiment with alternative power

Date: 21st March 2011

If there is a golden rule for data centre managers, it is this: don’t mess with your power source. For just about all data centres, that source has been AC power, which has worked quite well for everything from a lone PC in a cubicle all the way up to the most massive server farms.

Yet, as data centre power usage soars – the EPA estimates that data centre energy requirements will double in the next five years – some companies are turning to alternative power sources, including solar arrays, natural gas turbines, wind power, fuel cells and hydro power. The big question is whether these power sources will deliver returns on the investments they require, and how long that ROI will take to materialize. “ROI is what is driving interest in alternative power,” says Ted Ritter, an analyst who studies green IT at The Nemertes Research Group. 

Keysource says: Alternative energy sources may grab the headlines, but as yet we are unconvinced that any of the options are financially viable. Much of the emerging technology remains too costly, especially when companies are missing the opportunity to simply improve the performance of their data centres. By adopting proven data centre cooling technology solutions, companies can slash energy bills so our advice is to first achieve optimum data centre performance before considering the alternative energy route.


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