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DCIM can help solve the data centre disconnect

Date: 28th November 2012

Data centres are at risk from a fundamental lack of communication between the IT operations department and the facilities department, according to Forrester analyst Richard Fichera. Speaking at Emerson Network Power’s DCIM Delivered event in London recently, Fichera said that there is a “critical organisational flaw” in a lot of companies.  “Facilities reports to a different master than the IT operations side of the house, so in a lot of companies there’s an adversarial relationship between the two,” he said. “Facilities builds data centres, provisions them with power and bolts the racks into the floor, and then IT comes in and puts their servers in and if there’s no space for the servers then tough luck.”

Fichera said that in about 40% of the companies that Forrester serves, the electricity bill does not go to the same management chain as the IT operations bill. “So how much incentive is there for the ops people to save power?” he said.

Keysource says: Totally agree that businesses need to take an integrated approach if they are to truly understand the environmental and financial impact of their IT infrastructure. Data centres generally make up a large proportion of a company’s energy usage, yet it is often not clear who even pays the bills. It is still often not the IT department or the CIO, who are largely responsible for technology related decisions.

There has to be a joined up approach between facilities, IT and finance, along with buy-in from the board, to achieve the substantial environmental and financial savings that are available. By working together across all areas of the business, a company can measure the actual cost of a data centre and significantly reduce their entire energy consumption.


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