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Digital Realty announces results of annual European data centre demand survey

Date: 3rd May 2013

Digital Realty Trust, a leading global provider of data centre solutions, has released key findings from its annual study of the European data centre market. The survey of senior leadership at large corporations in Europe revealed that a strong majority of respondents, 88%, indicate that they will definitely or probably expand their data centres in either 2013 or 2014, whilst 25% of respondents indicate that they will definitely expand in 2013, compared to 22% a year ago.

The main reasons given for data centre expansion are, in order of importance, the need for security, disaster recovery, and power issues (the supply/reliability of power, and maintaining efficiency). Meanwhile, data centre planning revolves around two power concerns: the supply and reliability of power, and maintaining efficiency to minimize the power requirements of the data centre.

Demand for new data centres is highest among businesses in the UK; Established business centres remain the most popular locations for situating a new data centre, with London (29%), Paris (24%) and Frankfurt (21%) the top choices.

Keysource says: Data centre owners and operators are increasingly aware of the serious impact that unexpected downtime can have on a company’s performance, profitability and brand.

We are seeing organisations take a more balanced view on risk and cost to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to achieve high levels of reliability and availability. However, efficiency still remains, so owners are increasingly looking for solutions that can also minimise energy consumption and total cost of ownership.

As a result, we are seeing strong demand for facilities that can optimise performance to achieve maximum efficiency, resilience, density and capacity.


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