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Energy efficient data centre technologies to represent 28% of total market investment by 2015, according to Pike Research

Date: 28th April 2011

The energy costs of IT are becoming increasingly visible for enterprises in a variety of industries. In the past, energy consumption was not seen as a priority issue in the data centre and the split of responsibilities between IT and facilities organizations within the enterprise made it easy to skirt the issue of energy efficiency.

However, according to a recent report from Pike Research, this dynamic is changing quickly, and the cleantech market intelligence firm forecasts that by 2015, global investment in energy efficient data centre technologies will represent 28% of the US$150 billion data centre infrastructure market.

Keysource says: We welcome this increasing focus on data centre efficiency, but any investment must be part of a wider solution that is based on precise data centre requirements. Simply selecting the latest innovation is unlikely to achieve the desired results in terms of performance, efficiency and savings.

For any data centre owner or operator the priority is to achieve greater operating efficiencies, whilst getting the most capacity out of assets and managing resilience. This can only be achieved by having a true understanding of operational performance, so data centre monitoring and measurement should be central to any optimisation process.

It is about making informed decisions to take advantage of the latest technology and techniques. Only then will the true value be achieved.


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