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Face the challenge: server room cooling

Date: 12th May 2010
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Cooling server rooms and data centres is critical to maintaining a robust technical space and more importantly, it carries important implications for all areas of facility management. Keysource take this very seriously in their best practice service delivery.

Keysource’s solid expertise in managing clients’ server room cooling ensures that they show clients the full range of available options; balancing both rack power density and energy efficiency elements. To help understand server cooling, it’s important to grasp these three key points:

  • It’s vital to appreciate the power density needs of your IT equipment. And this not only means making sure your server room can accommodate today’s and future power demands. Flexibility and scalability are therefore important decision drivers for accommodating long-term server room expansions and changes.
  •  As server room cooling is regarded as the biggest power consumer, it’s essential that the cooling solution you adopt is optimised for efficiency. Consequently this measure will play a major role in reducing the large operating costs faced by your organisation.
  •  Lastly, fundamental to creating the best environmental conditions, is the need to fully understand and manage server room air flow. This involves looking at cool air supply such as server air conditioning, heat capacity of servers and heat rejection. Collectively these elements are critical to managing server room environments.

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