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Francis Maude MP recognises the need for efficiency

Date: 9th July 2009

Keysource has received a seal of approval from Francis Maude, MP for Horsham and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office.

Francis Maude

Speaking at a recent visit to Keysource’s offices in Horsham, Francis Maude commended the company’s efforts in developing industry-leading technology to reduce the impact IT equipment was having on the environment.

“I don’t think many people realise how much power is required just to cool data centres, so using clever technology to reduce consumption dramatically is a great story. Keysource are being truly innovative, using some serious know-how, and I’m thrilled that this is taking place in my constituency,” he said.

Francis Maude was meeting with Keysource to learn about some of the issues facing the IT sector. This included a demonstration of a new approach to cooling that has led to the most energy efficient data centre of its kind in Europe.

“There is a huge future for green technology as pressure mounts to reduce the world’s consumption of natural resources. There are many companies developing incredibly innovative, environmentally responsible solutions, which we need to be promoting and supporting. What Keysource is achieving is very exciting and can be absolutely transformational,” Mr Maude added.


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