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Government has shut 50 data centres since May

Date: 17th September 2012

The US government has shut 318 data centres since 2010, 50 of them in the past three months, according to updated figures from the Office of Management and Budget recently released.

Agencies plan to close 56 more centres by the end of September and 363 by the close of September 2013, according to a spreadsheet posted to the government open data platform The government had closed 268 data centres as of the last update on 30th April. OMB plans to shut down about 40% of the government’s original stock of roughly 3,100 data centres by the end of 2012. The programme is expected to save US$5 billion, though those savings won’t all have accrued by the 2015 deadline, federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel has said.

Keysource says: The scale of this initiative is simply staggering and demonstrates the potential that exists to not only achieve considerable cost savings, but also minimise the environmental impact of the data centre infrastructure. It mirrors the consolidation of resources and growth of cloud solutions that we have been seeing in the UK over the past few years.


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