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Government’s ICT plan will save £1.4bn by 2015, says Maude

Date: 28th November 2011

The UK government has announced a Strategic Implementation Plan for its ICT strategy which the Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude argues will deliver around £1.4bn in savings within the next four years. The strategy was created by Government’s CIO and deputy CIO Joe Harley and Bill McCluggage and the CIO delivery board on which they sit.

This 70-page document gives a detailed breakdown of how the reforms are going to be delivered, and follows an announcement in August that the government’s ICT strategy had already delivered £300m between August 2010 and August 2011. Successful implementation of this strategy is projected to see increased savings year on year, with over £460m in savings forecast for 2014/15. This SIP report aims to provide a path for delivery of the following core objectives of the March strategy: it will create a common ICT infrastructure; use ICT to enable and deliver change; and strengthen governance. The report also looks at the challenges, objectives and provides milestones for a number of key deliverables, including increased standardisation, use of open source, cloud computing, data centres, end-user devices and The PSN.

Keysource says: ICT is great for enabling change and transformation of business processes. However, to achieve these results, there is a requirement to increase ICT capacity, so organisations need to identify the most effective ways to deliver this without driving up data centre power consumption. It is necessary to review existing data centres to identify opportunities to consolidate or optimise existing facilities, whilst exploring the latest free cooling technology which can help achieve more for less.

On a visit to Keysource’s offices in Horsham, Surrey, in 2009, Francis Maude recognised the role the company was taking in developing industry leading data centre solutions: “I don’t think many people realise how much power is required just to cool data centres, so using clever technology to dramatically reduce consumption is a great story. Keysource are being truly innovative, using some serious know-how, and I’m thrilled that this is taking place in my constituency.”


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