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Iceland is cool

Date: 1st October 2013

Rob Elder, Director at Keysource, says: “The announcement by Verne Global that it will operate a data centre in Iceland with 100% renewable energy may well indicate the future direction for data centre cooling globally.  Clearly the location of the data centre, just outside the Arctic Circle provides a huge advantage. Iceland is cool (in many ways), if not decidedly sub-zero, with temperatures all year round that will help with the natural cooling.

Keysource believes everyone can benefit from installing more energy efficient cooling. Often it is as simple as better data centre airflow management – after all air is a renewable, natural solution. However the real key is understanding what you have and measuring it.  Most data centres have a PUE of around 2, meaning they waste 50% of all the energy invested in cooling.

Long term, 100% renewable data centre cooling must remain the industry target but short term everyone can benefit from our award winning ecofris cooling solution, reducing energy costs and, as a result, the impact on the environment. A PUE of sub 1.2 is achievable today.”


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