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Innovative solutions

Date: 1st November 2013

By Rob Elder, Director at Keysource…  PECI, an energy efficiency solutions company in Portland, Oregon recently moved in to new offices with a new data centre. The offices, occupying the top three floors of a block, house more than 250 employees and space is at a premium meaning the data centre ended up a 12x14ft interior room. With no outside air the team developed a data centre cooling solution in which the return air from the office space, with a range of up to 29° is used to cool the data centre and heat the domestic hot water. There is also a dedicated cooling system but it only runs at the weekends when office temperatures can exceed 29°.

This is a great example of innovative thinking.  Whilst the data centre is relatively small the high inlet temperatures posed a real challenge for the team. Like Keysource it’s great to see companies pushing the boundaries to come up with innovative solutions


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