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Instagram, Vine and Netflix hit by Amazon glitch

Date: 30th August 2013

Software problems at one of Amazon’s data centres have knocked out several high profile web services. Users of Instagram, Netflix, Vine, Airbnb and several other services reported problems getting through to the services for several hours late on Sunday, 25th August.

All of them rely on servers that are part of Amazon’s cloud-based network. The problems were traced to a data centre in northern Virginia that was struggling to keep up with demand.

Keysource says: High-profile companies are increasingly looking to cloud-based solutions as a means of delivering services to their customers in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Whilst there are definite benefits to be achieved from adopting cloud computing, it is also important to undertake detailed risk assessment and due diligence before committing to any switch. This will help avoid damaging disruption by ensuring that any third party partner can deliver the necessary resilience, capacity and security of data.


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