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Keysource creates scalable Ecofris solution

Date: 18th January 2010


Keysource has extended its award-winning Ecofris approach to data centre cooling with the launch of a solution designed for smaller facilities, colocation centres and multi-roomed sites.

Keysource has developed a new 125kW mechanical cooling system, complementing the existing 600kW module, to satisfy the cooling demands of new and existing data centres of any size. As a result, private and public sector organisations can drive down the energy cost of operating data centres by more than 45 per cent whatever their IT needs.

By creating a scalable solution, Ecofris can now meet the demands of a wider range of data centre requirements. Not only does the new cooling module make it possible to significantly reduce running costs and carbon footprint for lower capacity data centres, it offers greater flexibility for refurbishment projects where space may prevent the use of the larger solution. Furthermore, the system is ideal for colocation centres or public sector multi-roomed sites where a greater number of smaller modules may be required.

Mike West, Managing Director of Keysource commented:“When we devised the Ecofris philosophy to energy efficient data centre cooling, it was always our intention to develop a scalable approach to meet the needs of any type of facility. With a mix of clever thinking and precision engineering we have been able to create a smaller scale unit at the centre of the mechanical cooling system, and we have already secured two new clients from the education and co-lo sectors.”

Ecofris: The intelligent way to cool data centres


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