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Keysource scores high for service

Date: 19th June 2012

When it comes to client service and satisfaction, Keysource is amongst the best performing businesses within the UK according to the company’s latest Net Promoter Score (NPS). Keysource has been using the customer loyalty metric since 2006 to measure performance and has achieved an impressive average score of 73.02 per cent.

Keysource selected NPS, a measurement championed by the Harvard Business Review and recognised by many C-suite executives, to monitor client satisfactions levels. As a result, the company has been able to gauge performance against continued improvement, which is required by The Standard (ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Managed Systems Requirement Assurance) and is audited every 6 months by the BSI.

With over 200 surveys conducted to monitor perception and satisfaction, the NPS average of 73.02 per cent compares favourably against some of the other technology companies who use the same metric. For example, in 2011 Apple achieved a score of 67 per cent, whilst Samsung scored 35 per cent.

Rob Elder, Director of Keysource commented: “When designing, delivering and managing high performing data centre facilities we are often working on a range of complex and technical solutions across a number of projects for our customers. We work hard to build relationships with our customers and so we understand the importance of client satisfaction.

Whilst we are proud of the standards we consistently achieve we recognise the commitment required to maintaining high levels of satisfaction. NPS has not only enabled us to gauge ongoing performance within the business as well as establish accountability and prioritise investments.”

Further details can be found here.


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