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Keysource win Internet Facilitators Limited contract

Date: 14th June 2009

Internet Facilitators Limited (IFL) are the largest provider of carrier neutral collocation services and rack space in Manchester. Keysource have been appointed as principal contractor for the design and build of a new floor at their existing facility in the Manchester Technopark. Keysource were engaged as a partner in the early stages of the project to provide a detailed design to ensure the facility is designed and built to be highly resilient and secure to meet all IFL customer requirements.

The project will include the construction of a new 2 storey energy centre building to locate HV switchgear, new dedicated transformer, LV Switchgear capable of providing 2N resilience, UPS system to support up to 600kW IT Load and parallel N+1 Generators. The data centre will be split into two Halls capable of supporting up to 150 rack positions at 4kW per rack with cooling provided by down flow perimeter cooling units configured to provide N+1 resilience. The facility will be protected by automatic fire suppression and detection systems, bio-metric entry systems and complete management and monitoring systems controlling environmental conditions and monitoring of all plant status.

The project is due to be complete in the first quarter of 2010.


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