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Keysource’s energy assessment improves Yorkshire Water’s data centre efficiency by 25%

Date: 26th January 2010

Yorkshire Water was looking to gain a greater understanding of the performance of its data centre facility and associated operating costs to enable the company to manage its IT infrastructure more closely and more responsibly.

Yorkshire Water appointed Keysource to conduct an Energy Assessment to provide a review of its data centre’s energy use and see how the company could reduce overall operating costs and the environmental impact of the facility. Following the survey and recommendation report from Keysource, Yorkshire Water implemented a number of suggested changes which resulted in a reduction in energy consumption of more than 25 per cent with a potential annual saving of up to £70,000. 

Shakil Azam, IT Service Provisions & Data Centre Manager commented: “Keysource’s Energy Assessments and recommendations proved essential for our ongoing commitment to reducing energy consumption from our IT infrastructure. By working closely with Keysource, we have tapped into their extensive data centre knowledge and expertise, to achieve significant performance gains in terms of reduced costs and carbon emissions.”

Visit our projects page to read the full case study.

Keysource says; Our innovative approaches to data centre efficiency and measurement has set new standards in terms of the savings and PUE that are achievable. The Yorkshire Water project demonstrates that measurement followed by implementing best practice recommendations can prove very attractive indeed when the power savings available are assessed.

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