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Making the right DCIM choice

Date: 20th August 2013

Getting the selection right of a suitable Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool is critical to ensure you can deliver all the required functionality now and in the future, as well as offer a competitive advantage through innovative and new ways of doing things. Any solution has to cater to the end user with their own facilities but also work in colocation and outsourced facilities. This is equally true for professional data centre operators when selling their services to ensure they possess a solution that delivers the information customers will inevitably demand from them.

It is also important to consider when evaluating different tools that it is not just about the software itself. We have seen many organisations commit to a project and purchase software that due to a lack of proper integration or internal management has quickly become obsolete or out of date so is no longer fit for purpose. What provides the true value and delivers the overall success is the implementation and ongoing use of the solution in the day-to-day operation. In fact, understanding how your organisation is structured, what tools and systems are already in place and how DCIM will integrate or replace them is key to any successful implementation and ongoing operation.


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