Optimise your data centre cooling

In the data centre environment, most facilities do not operate at anywhere near to capacity. Given that loads change and external environmental conditions vary, most data centres also have a cooling system that is not designed for active control. This means a static set point or simple inverter driven fans control environmental conditions in the space.

Active cooling controls

In new facilities, we deploy control systems and strategies which that – from the outset – the operator can optimise and run efficiently all year round and as the load grows. This reduces cost and improves performance with a much more predictable and consistent environmental condition in the data hall.

By implementing the same approach at existing facilities, we can:

  • Save costs for power and maintenance,
  • Delay or remove the need for capital replacement,
  • Increase capacity,
  • Improve resilience,
  • Deliver a more suitable environment for the servers.

Ongoing monitoring in line with best practice

Simply deploying tools is not sufficient. Our approach focuses on best practice and advice combined with monitoring and control systems. By delivering a joined up service, we can optimise all aspects of the cooling solution from the rack, to the airflow in the data centre, to the set point and fan power of the CRACs, to the water temperature of the chilled water system, to the configuration and operating controls of chillers and condensers.

If you are not currently considering or using any active control strategy, then our experts will be happy to scope your requirements and explain the benefits available to you.

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