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With a wealth of data centre experience, we can help unlock potential and greater value when deploying Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions.

We recognise the challenges faced by end users and data centre operators alike when there’s so much noise and conflicting views over what DCIM is and which product happens to be the best. We believe that DCIM is at the heart of data centre operations but it delivers little or no value if it’s left in isolation. We can help customers to change that.

We take time to learn your business

By understanding each customer’s business and the other tools they use, we can ensure solutions become an integral part of their critical operations.

We believe true DCIM focuses on the IT assets first and foremost and so the decision and ability to deploy DCIM sits with the end user. Whether in an outsourced facility or in your own data centre, it is the owner of the IT equipment itself who should be embracing DCIM.

Often with a cross-over into the facilities arena, DCIM demonstrates some of the characteristic and functionality of a BMS or energy monitoring system. It is therefore essential to understand what the objectives are, who the stakeholders are and how outcomes can be delivered. Companies should take into account all of the systems used – if they want a successful DCIM deployment.

We can help with your DCIM needs

Keysource has unrivalled experience in delivering DCIM and BMS solutions as well as managing and delivering complex integration solutions. Talk to us to find out how you can unlock the potential from DCIM.

Keysource Data Centre Infrastructure Management (PDF)

If you want to know more about DCIM and how to maximise its value, our experts will be happy to scope your requirements and explain the benefits available to you.

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