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Microsoft data centres consume 50% less energy

Date: 3rd November 2010

Microsoft has opened new data centres that consume 50% less energy than those built three years ago, according to the company’s 2010 Citizenship Report. In FY2011, the software giant is working to reduce the power useage effectiveness of its new data centre designs. The company’s goal is to construct data centres with an average 1.125 PUE rating (the industry average is currently 2; optimal energy use is 1) by 2012.

The report covers Microsoft’s performance over FY2010 (July 2009-June 2010) with an outlook for fiscal year 2011. Here are the environmental highlights.

Keysource says: Any commitment by global businesses to develop energy efficient data centres should be commended, but by embracing latest technology innovations and techniques more can still be achieved. Microsoft’s goal of achieving 1.125 PUE will no doubt place the company’s facilities amongst the most efficient performing data centres worldwide.


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