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The opportunity for DCIM

Date: 27th August 2013

Through a well-managed Data Centre Infrastructure Management solution, organisations can effectively manage all of their critical systems and infrastructure to achieve a range of business and operational benefits. For example, the ability to identify at the deployment stage where equipment should go to best make use of resources such as space, network, cooling and power without limiting yourself in the future. Meanwhile, the decision to build a new facility or upgrade an existing one to achieve additional capacity or improve efficiency can be better taken using added insight, without the need for lengthy site audits and consultant’s fees.

With the right data and knowledge and expertise to understand what critical systems are doing DCIMcan deliver much more value and become an enabler to your organisation. However, getting the basic metering and monitoring in place and implementing a solution is simply the first step, with the real opportunities coming from how you use the software and when you start to integrate it with other systems.

Virtualisation is already playing a major part in the way organisations view their compute and storage with workloads moved around between data centres. This combined with cloud computing offers the opportunity to maximise resource utilisation to meet business demand. The integration of DCIM with the IT and BMS gives operators the opportunity to automate the movement of applications and workload dependent upon a range of scenarios.


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