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Portable air conditioner for server rack hot spots

Date: 1st September 2010

ISC, Information Support Concepts, has announced a new portable air conditioner designed for hot spots in data centres, server rack rooms, entertainment centres and other similar environments. The air conditioner is a self contained 12,000 BTU units that does not require a water collection tank. Read the full story here.

Keysource says: This sort of product may address an immediate problem within a data centre or computer room, but will not solve the real issue that the facility is not operating as it should be. Businesses need to continually measure and review their data centre to gain a better understanding of the performance of their data centre infrastructure and associated operating costs, so that they can be managed more closely and more responsibly. Our Data Centre Energy Assessment Service provides a useful insight into energy saving opportunities and how to lower the cost of ownership. 

Recommendations are made targeting design and operational factors that are impacting on the energy efficiency. This advice can help businesses to work towards efficient power utilisation using efficient cooling methods to tackle the increasingly powerful, high-density IT servers clients are required to install.

Yorkshire Water recently reduced power consumption at its data centre in Bradford, South Yorkshire, by 25 per cent following an Energy Assessment. Following implementation of key recommendations, Yorkshire Water was able to optimise the cooling processes within the facility and achieve annual cost savings of up to £70,000. Even higher cost savings, running into millions can be achieved, depending on the size of facility.


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