Sky picks Keysource and Schneider Electric to manage the UK Data Centres’ Infrastructure

Keysource has worked closely with Sky to roll out a new DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) solution across its UK data centre estate. Built from a need to replace aging legacy software platforms with an integrated solution, StruxureWare for Data Centers DCIM platform was chosen to deliver a range of operational, performance, cost and efficiency benefits across Sky’s business.

Keysource worked with stakeholders from across the business units to ensure complete buy-in from the start.  With an aim to not change the way Sky ran their operations but rather to streamline and optimise the process, the solution that was delivered comprised of a mobile friendly, single dashboard that all asset, rack and BMS data can be viewed on a single screen.

This has allowed Sky to have full sight of their IT and current capacity, and use this in order to run their estate as efficiently as possible.

Case Study - DCIM Deployment for Sky

See how we delivered one of the largest DCIM rollouts in Europe across Sky's data centre estate

See Sky Case Study

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