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Efficient data centre: PGS Success Story

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One of the UK's most efficient data centres

Updated August 2011 - Annualised PUE measurement of 1.15

PGS success logoThe challenge: PGS recognise the high financial and environmental cost attached to operating a data centre and wanted to look at innovative new approaches to drive down energy usage.

The solution: The data centre is the first facility to adopt Keysource’s ecofris technology; an innovative new approach to cooling that can reduce the energy cost of operating data centres by more than 45 per cent and is one of the most efficient options currently available in the UK. The facility has been designed for 1.8MW of IT load and can accommodate high-density IT hardware at any rack position with rack power densities of 30kW comfortably supported.

Mike Turff, Global Data Centre Manager at PGS says: “We are committed to reducing energy, but we also needed to ensure that any design would allow deployment of our high-density server and storage hardware. The safe and efficient storage of vast amounts of vital data is key to the success of our business; however we are also highly committed to a strong environmental stance. The Keysource ecofris solution provides us with a resilient and future proof answer without compromising our core values.”

The benefits: Keysource’s ecofris technology has delivered an annualised PUE measurement of 1.15, significantly below the UK average of 2.2. The facility also has a DCiE measurement of 87%, where 87% of the total power being consumed by the facility is powering the IT equipment. The data centre has achieved a 6.2 million kWh reduction in annual power consumption and 3.37 million kg reduction in annual CO2 emissions compared to PGS previous facility. Projected savings of 16.5 million kWh in power consumption and a reduction of 7.1 million kg of CO2 emissions per year can be achieved when this facility is at full deployment.

Mike West, Managing Director of Keysource says: “The ecofris cooling solution is an overall cooling strategy that is the result of 18 months hard work to design the most efficient data centre that not only reduces energy but works with modern high-density IT hardware platforms to multiply energy savings."

Read the PGS data centre case study or view Mike Turff's, Global Data Centre Manager for PGS interview below.

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This is an example of a modular data centre approach to a design and build by Keysource.

2014 upgrade

Keysource & PGS completed an upgrade to the data centre in March 2014. 

Already recognised for award winning performance and a 1.15 PUE L2,YC , the upgrade has increased power density by approximately 50%.This has been achieved within the same internal footprint, using an innovative chillerless design.

The facility now boasts 188 rack positions, supporting up to 30kW per rack.

March 2014: PGS and Keysource land international data centre award


Uptime Institute 2014

Keysource: Information Age Awards Winner 

Keysource: Data Centre Leaders Awards Winner

Keysource: UK IT Industry Awards Winner

Participant Award

June 2011: Congratulations to  PGS, who won the participant award – new data centre category at the first EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres Awards

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