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Sunday Telegraph Efficient IT feature

Date: 14th December 2013

Keysource is excited to announce that we have appeared in the Sunday Telegraph’s Efficient IT – Business Technology supplement. The special report was published on 1st December and focused on why data centres are driving global IT transformation.

The report features an interview with Keysource’s Director Rob Elder on page 18 and provides answers to the following questions:

What key role does data centre design and build play?

With cloud computing growing in prominence, there is a need for efficient data centre facilities that can reduce costs and minimise environmental impact without compromising on resilience. Flexibility is key to efficiency, so providing high-performance data centre space as and when required is crucial. The IT demands of most businesses can fluctuate considerably from day to day and this means that modular, scaleable solutions are often an extremely appealing option

What solutions can help drive efficiency?

It is important to remember that efficiency isn’t just about power consumption. In fact enabling the deployment of the latest IT technology and reducing the total cost of ownership actually delivers the greatest business benefits. Outside of the IT itself the biggest win is around the cooling. This is why we developed an award-winning solution called ecofris, which is designed to deliver the highest levels of performance and efficiency in the data centre.

What else should businesses consider?

Improved management through the deployment of the latest tools combined with integration will see businesses achieve the highest levels of efficient IT. Working with our customers this integration delivers valuable real-time insight to facilitate automation or actions to improve performance of each aspect of IT right through the full stack.

Read more of efficient IT on the Sunday Times Business Technology website or download the supplement


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