Keysource celebrates success with Colleague Awards

2017 was an amazing 12 months for Keysource.

In our first full year since we joined property services group Styles&Wood, we’ve seen growth across all parts of our business as we continue to position ourselves at the forefront of critical environment consultancy. We’ve won a number of new contracts as well as continuing to build on our existing relationships in the education, technology and utilities sectors which has seen us being recognised across the industry and beyond with a top accolades.

2017 also saw the launch of our new seminar series ‘The Future of the Data Centre’ with teams also contributing to industry discussions, featuring in the likes of Data Centre News, Data Center Dynamics and Data Centre Solutions.

We couldn’t have managed all of this without the dedication and support of our excellent in-house teams, and to kick off the New Year we recognised some of the people that had made a special impact on the company, our colleagues or our clients throughout 2017.

The winners were:

Andy Szec – Excellence in Organisation – A colleague who knows where everything is and keeps it where you can find it, saving you time and money.

Chloe Foster – Rookie of the Year – An outstanding new addition to the team.

Luis Soto – Making the Difference Champion – An individual who has embraced behavioural change and is setting the standards for Health & Safety.

Luke Brimelow – Marvellous Multitasker – A colleague that is able to keep the plates spinning.

Phil Clift – The Asker of Good Questions – A colleague who seeks clarity to help us all become more effective.

Tom Blundy – Calm in the Eye of the Storm – A colleague who stays calm even when things are hectic.



Keysource shortlisted for CIBSE Building Performance Consultancy Award

We are delighted to announce Keysource has been shortlisted for Building Performance Consultancy of the Year at this year’s CIBSE Awards.

Now in their eleventh year, the CIBSE Building Performance Awards showcase the teams, products, initiatives and projects that demonstrate engineering excellence in the built environment.

The prestigious Building Performance Consultancy Award recognises consultancies that have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the design or refurbishment of buildings to meet client expectations of performance, throughout its operational life.

Chosen by a panel of judges, this shortlisting acknowledges our drive for continuous improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing within the industry as well as the businesses commitment to employee development.

Jon Healy, Associate Director, Keysource commented:

“As the global requirement for critical environments increases, particularly within the data centre sector,  the sustainability and environmental efficiency of both new and legacy facilities is becoming increasingly crucial.

“To be shortlisted for this prestigious award is a testament to our contribution to the building community. We have an excellent track record in designing and delivering world class critical environments and it’s fantastic to be recognised as a leader in our industry.”

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 6th February 2018.

Keysource hosts ‘The Future of the Data Centre’ seminar

On the 26th October, over 30 guests joined us at The Globe Theatre for our ‘The Future of the Data Centre’ breakfast event.

In the first of a new series of seminars, Keysource explored the latest innovations, the challenges the industry is facing and changes to industry standards, such as the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As was the theme throughout the morning, the data centre landscape is fundamentally changing, Keysource’s MD Stephen Whatling opened the event and set the tone for the upcoming presentations and discussions.

“Change in the data centre industry is constantly happening. What has already taken place in recent years has been at a pace that has excited and driven the industry, and brought many challenges. It’s clear with the evolving trends and innovations we’re going to discuss today, it’s not slowing down anytime soon and in fact the speed of change is accelerating faster than we have ever experienced before.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that the impact of technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, and self-driving cars I don’t think I would have believed you, this is evidence of the fact we can’t predict too much of the future, but it’s important we try have a clear grasp of what’s emerging, and how to react and address this movement.”

So, what does the future of the data centre look like?

Keysource Enterprise Consultant and Head of Innovation, Richard Clifford, provided an insight into the latest innovations and trends that are driving defined infrastructure demands and the need for vast amount of data centres with improved performance, flexibility and efficiency.

As well as latest technologies and growing needs, data centre security is a hot topic at the moment, hitting the headlines a number of times in recent years. With legislation and regulations influencing the market the launch of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 will certainly drive further changes.

If you’d like to be informed about our next seminar please register your interest here.

Keysource rows for charity

Last weekend the Keysource team took to the water at Tilgate Park in Crawley for the annual Dragon Boat Race in support of St Catherine’s Hospice.

Competing against 35 other local businesses, the event see’s team racing 40ft Dragon Boats in three timed trials with the six best times competing in the final.

With the weather starting out chilly but sunny the team lined up for the first race, beating the competition and securing a great time of 1.06.

Knowing the weather was likely to turn inclement the team had chosen their fancy dress theme to counter this, with psychedelic colours, a purple velvet suit and even a member of the Scots Guard, our Austin Powers theme seemed to put smiles on the faces of competitors and attendees alike, with several well-wishers (including the Mayor and Mayoress of Crawley) lining up for a photo!

With a leading time of 1 minute to beat the team took to the water for their second and third sessions, however with the weather getting steadily worse the times didn’t improve, gaining another 1.06 and 1.09 respectively.

As our local charity St Catherine’s Hospice provides expert and specialist end of life care and support for patients and their families. At the time of writing the current sponsorship sits at £1500, we would like to thank everyone that has supported us and sponsored us so far. If you haven’t sponsored us yet, there is still time! You can donate to the charity here.

A partnering approach is essential to meet today’s data centre challenges

Our Associate Director, Jon Healy, sat down with DCS Europe to discuss market observations, our new services and the success of the business over the last year. You can read excerpts from the conversation below or see the full article in the summer edition of DCS Europe.

1.  For those that don’t know please can you describe Keysource and your role in summary?

Keysource is an international provider of solutions for business critical environments, including data centres. We have 35 years’ experience partnering with our customers to provide solutions and services that enable their technology requirements.

Our work spans the full lifecycle of the critical environment providing an ability to leverage a wide range of capability within the business.

As an Associate Director, and a member of the senior management team, my team and I are responsible for existing and new customer engagements, understanding the best way we can help customers and how our capabilities are best utilised.

Our passion is in understanding our customers’ businesses and how they use technology in order to deliver their objectives and drive benefits, often taking some innovative thinking to get there.

2. 35 years? Congratulations! Let’s not go back that far but what have Keysource been up to recently?

As technology changes so do the demands of the market and our customers’ requirements. We’ve continued to adopt a fresh strategy year-on-year to be able to continue meeting this.

The most significant change to the business in the last 18 months has been the development of our consultancy and professional services offering.

This approach allows us to work with our customers to better understand their data centre needs, including how they use and deliver these services, whether this be internally, externally or both.

In our view, having an understanding of how data centres fit within wider business objectives is now vital. And as customers’ adoption of virtualisation, cloud and other platforms continues, our role is becoming increasingly critical.

We’re very much of the view that given the normally significant investment and the long term nature of these solutions, they need to meet the customer’s needs both now and in the future. Working back from the application layer and infrastructure selection, where possible, enables a more informed and strategic process when it comes to both specifying the build of a data centre and assessing its future operation requirements.

Building on our critical facilities management offering, our additional service lines that support IT and network services have organically grown through long-term customer partnerships. We’ve seen these provide benefits akin to a managed service while also giving customers operational benefits including better efficiency and higher availability.

We also joined the Styles&Wood Group towards the end of last year. This has allowed us to offer a much wider range of property services to our customers while also providing critical environment expertise to new and existing customers from across the Group.

4. You’ve touched on the new consultancy led approach and Keysource have a well-known D&B service so, in a nutshell, what is Keysource’s offering?

We have structured our business to support our customers throughout the critical environment lifecycle.

Our consultants and professional services teams support strategy development, auditing, discovery exercises, and assessment of operational environments. We also advise clients during design-stages with a range of pre-construction services including business cases, permission and approvals, design development and tender creation.

Keysource’s project teams deliver critical projects from small works to major data centre builds with a range of flexible services. These include project management, turnkey construction, operational upgrades, and transformation as well as a full range of end-of-life services.

To complement this Keysource provide a full range of critical environment operational services through our facilities management specialism. From security, maintenance planning and management, to reactive on-site support, monitoring and optimisation. These are often tailored services to meet specific needs of the customer or operation.

5. Do you have an example of where these new front end services have provided real benefits for your customers?

For a recent contract, we were appointed right at the beginning of a client project. This meant we were involved in, and had an appreciation of, the broader business objectives and establishing the strategic need for the data centre.

Often these business objectives have a cost, time and risk implication. By discussing these openly with the customer and working with their in-house team to develop the brief and key deliverables, we were able to advise on a range of potential models with the client and ultimately arrive at the best approach to meet their needs.

Our consultants provide a wide range of services from market advice, strategy development, assessment services, transformation planning and design development.

The great thing about having a platform which brings together Keysources’ specialist consultants with client IT and facility teams is that decisions are so much more informed. As a result, the collective output quality is extremely high and clients can typically achieve better delivery while minimising cost and risk.

 10. You spoke at the beginning about the rapid changes in technology changing our approach to data centres. More generally, how do you see the approach to data centre design/build/operations developing over the coming years?

Development in the sector is as interesting as ever and there are a few different themes that will influence a change in how data centres are approached in the coming years.

Firstly, the ever growing cloud offering, facilitated by hyperscale data centre players, are evolving to better tailor their services and the way they are delivered, with need for data centre availability not necessarily always being a priority. Instead we expect to see more customers focus on flexibility to better accommodate an ever evolving IT-infrastructure layer and the ability to drive commercial efficiencies while maintaining service levels.

Questions around how the sector can provide the infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT), and the emergence of industries such as smart buildings, self-driving transport and consumer automation are also going to play a huge role in driving change. We expect growth in ‘Edge’ data centres and therefore identifying a need for regional presence will become prominent over the next 12 – 18 months. Professional data centre operators are already considering their strategies with this in mind and we expect this to continue.

Meanwhile legislation and regulations will continue to influence the market and the likes of the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR), information security and Brexit will continue to be factors in the decision making process.

There is also an ongoing focus on resilience at the application layer, and the way this is enabled can now take many different forms. As a result, the hybrid-approach that many have already adopted is set to continue as businesses look to respond to challenges in both the data centre market and their own industries.

One thing is for sure with no silver bullet in sight for customers. Navigating the endless options and aligning these with wider business strategies will be crucial in the success of any project requiring data centre services.

11. And how do you see Keysource developing to help address these trends?

Keysource is always looking ahead to understand how we can better support our customers with foreseen trends and the challenges that emerge alongside.

Strategy and approach are key to what physical assets and service are procured in order to deliver on customers’ requirements. And, support from trusted partners will continue to be needed.

One thing is for certain, our need to continue to innovate is key in order to provide the different ways of thinking and agility to a situation or problem.


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