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Three experts offer advice on how to achieve data centre energy efficiency

Date: 20th January 2010

In a recent article titled “Three experts offer advice on how to achieve data centre energy efficiency”, Dean Nelson from eBay and Rob Aldrich from Cisco discuss moving your initiative to the next level.

Moving beyond small incremental improvements requires both organisational and technological change. Whether it involves retrofitting an existing data centre or building a new one, going green requires a fundamental shift in corporate governance.

Dean Nelson, senior director of global data centre services at eBay, says this involves two things. “You need executive alignment from the CEO on down, and you need a leader: someone with both budget and operational authority who’s passionate about the initiative and responsible for its success.”

The best place to start selling a green data centre is often the CFO’s office, says Rob Aldrich, senior manager and principal for Cisco’s efficiency assurance programme. “Go to someone who sees the bills for both IT and power, and work out a split in the savings. Work it so IT gets to use half the savings to reduce its top line and the facilities group gets the other half off their bottom line. By doing this you can in turn finance a sustainable sustainability program.”

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Keysource says; The IT infrastructure underpins the operation of any company, so a data centre touches on all areas of an organisation. With energy efficiency and environmental impact being pushed up the business agenda, it is important to engage in open dialogue with all critical stakeholders to better understand key business drivers, educate about the role of data centres and secure the buy-in for necessary change.

For the successful implementation of an effective data centre strategy, it is important to communicate across multiple areas of the business and work with as many key decision makers as possible including CEO, CFO, COO, IT Director and FM Director. Our experience has shown us that it is possible for an informed and sensitive supplier to support a company throughout this process and deliver much more effective solutions as a result, even winning awards for it.


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