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UK Data Centres Won’t Cut Energy In 2012

Date: 30th January 2012

Most data centres in the UK will not be cutting their energy use in 2012. In fact, three-quarters will be using more electricity, despite pressure from energy costs and green taxes.

Rising energy costs are supposed to be making data centres more energy-conscious, and energy taxes such as the CRC energy efficiency scheme are designed have the same effect, but still 76 percent of the UK’s data centres expect to use more energy this year, according to a survey by Data Centre World.

Keysource says: The survey does reflect some of the findings of our own research conducted last year on data centre optimisation and EU Code of Conduct sign-up. However, we should not overlook the increasing number of public and private sector organisations that are committed to driving down the energy usage of their facilities.

It is well documented that demand for IT capacity will continue to grow, so more and more organisations are recognising the need to either optimise existing data centres or adopt high-efficiency solutions to absorb these added loads whilst reducing operating costs.

For example, University of Leicester recently scooped the Leadership in Public Sector category at the Data Centre Leaders Awards for a purpose-built facility that had enabled them to reduce the energy consumption required for data centre cooling by more than 80 per cent.

Probably the biggest barrier we face is that there seems to be a perception amongst data centre owners and operators that these improvements require high levels of capital expenditure, which in our experience doesn’t have to be the case.


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