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UK Energy Secretary to appease business with CRC delay

Date: 22nd November 2010

UK Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is attempting to appease the business sector left reeling by recent changes to the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency scheme by delaying its second phase. Addressing a CBI business lobby group conference, Huhne admitted that there were many concerns about the scheme and the Coalition want to simplify the situation for businesses.

Keysource says: We support any steps by Government to consult with the business community on the best way to implement the CRC Scheme. However, decisions need to be made quickly to avoid any further confusion and give affected companies as much time as possible to prepare for changes. A move to simplify the scheme would definitely be welcomed, but it is essential that CRC doesn’t simply become a means of raising tax revenue and as a result lose the opportunity to encourage reduced energy consumption. 

Whatever the final outcome, those businesses that have invested in energy efficiency will escape the worst penalties of the scheme. Whether it is fully implemented or not the need for UK companies to cut energy consumption in their data centres and improve efficiency still remains in order to make a significant bottom-line contribution. In many cases, data centres represent a large proportion of a company’s energy usage, so opportunities exist to make significant savings by updating, replacing or optimising existing technology solutions and reduce overall consumption by as much as 25 per cent. 


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