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UK Government to reduce data centre costs by 35%

Date: 3rd May 2011

Shared IT infrastructure, open-source software and a stripped-back IT estate are at the heart of the government’s IT strategy just published. In a statement to coincide with the report’s publication, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said the coalition government wants to use IT to “ensure that frontline services have the tools to do their job to deliver effective public services”. The government spent more than £16 billion on IT in 2008-09.

The strategy sets out plans to scale back the 8,000 or so data centres used by the public sector and reduce their running costs by 35% over the next five years by sharing IT infrastructure and software across the public sector.

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Keysource says: There are many opportunities for consolidation within the public sector’s data centre infrastructure, as well as for the adoption best practice solutions and techniques. Many legacy facilities are still using more energy on power and data centre cooling than the actual technology housed within. This is totally unnecessary when substantial savings could be made without large-scale investment.

Keysource met with Francis Maude in 2009 to discuss some of the issues facing the IT sector and the latest developments in energy efficient data centre solutions. Speaking at a visit to our offices in Horsham, he commended Keysource for our efforts in developing industry-leading technology to reduce the impact IT equipment was having on the environment. 

“I don’t think many people realise how much power is required just to cool data centres, so using clever technology to dramatically reduce consumption is a great story. Keysource are being truly innovative, using some serious know-how, and I’m thrilled that this is taking place in my constituency,” he said.


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