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Zero emission, fjord-cooled data centre under construction in Norway

Date: 16th January 2012

Perhaps inspired by the emerging data centres in Finland, Sweden and Iceland, Norwegian shipping and investment company Smedvig has teamed up with ErgoGroup, Norway’s largest provider of ICT services, to develop Green Mountain, a fjord-cooled data centre that is housed in a completely refurbished ammunition depot on Rennesøy, an island in southern Norway.

Taking advantage of the cold fjord running through the area, the data centre will be cooled by a continuous flow of 8-degree water all year round. Power will come from a low-cost renewable energy source, which means that the data centre will have a practically non-existent carbon footprint. In fact, Green Mountain claims to be greenest data centre in the world. Once completed in 2012, Green Mountain will have over 11,000 sq m of server space, 7000 of which is designed for traditional colocation, while the remaining 4,000 sq m will house container solutions.

Keysource says: With considerable high-efficiency innovation already in operation, only time will tell if this latest facility becomes the “greenest data centre in the world”. Data centres that make the most of unique locations or weather conditions are certainly headline grabbing stories, but they tend to be one offs that are very specific to a certain set of circumstances. Whilst highly innovative, it is debatable how much they contribute to the wider data centre industry when compared to utilising proven data centre cooling technology that can be used on a more universal basis.


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