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The right choice of supplier was vital and Keysource was appointed because of our proven industry expertise and our understanding of the company’s requirements. Keysource put forward a solution which had the lowest capital expenditure requirements due to its flexible, modular deployment approach. It could also be completed within Jaguar Land Rover’s tight timeframe and would deliver high levels of efficiency and resilience.

The solution needed to underpin Jaguar Land Rover’s aim of being carbon neutral by 2020, facilitate any future growth, deliver an industry leading PUEL2YC of 1.13, and support a range of mixed density equipment. High levels of availability, resilience and security were also required as any issues would directly affect JLR’s manufacturing capability at the EMC. The tight timeframe and budget created additional challenges so Keysource developed and delivered an innovative design solution which also embraced the ASHRAE room temperature limits of 18–27o.

Keysource’s modular design solution meant that the bulk of the production and preparation for the data centre was completed off site, which significantly reduced costs and construction time. Typically a project of this nature would take at least 12 months to complete but by using modular construction methods, backed up by Keysource’s expertise in modular data centre deployment, this was reduced to just 20 weeks.

The design incorporates a ‘flooded room approach’ utilising an indirect air to air cooling solution. The total cooling requirement is met by the integrated free cooling adiabatic system which eradicates the need for traditional power-intensive mechanical cooling and associated pipework. To realise the capital cost ambitions of the project the raised floor was removed during the design stage, which provided the additional benefits of reducing the power consumption of the supply fans compared to an under floor strategy. Keysource’s in house CFD modelling capabilities were used to develop a bespoke cold air delivery chamber, improving the air flow distribution within the room and providing additional rack space.

Keysource’s team of experts also modified the air-handling units and integrated the solution with the company’s bespoke central control system, which ensures that the environment is closely monitored to optimise the performance of the cooling equipment, drive efficiency and provide an additional layer of resilience. This innovative, integrated cooling solution met Jaguar Land Rover’s requirements for a low peak power and industry leading PUE.



Extensive experience in delivering strategic client engagements.

“This was a prime example of how our bespoke modular data centre design can achieve significant cost and time savings whilst delivering industry leading efficiencies.

It is a strong template for future modular solutions.”

Mike West Director, Keysource

  • Flexible Modular Approach – allowed for off-site production and a phased deployment inline with Jaguar Land Rover’s business requirements and also at a lower capital expenditure cost.
  • Highly efficient – innovative integration of the indirect air-to-air cooling solution allowed for a design PUEL2YC of 1.13.
  • Fast delivery – the modular construction allowed for the whole project to be delivered within 20 weeks from set up to handover.
  • Expert support – Keysource’s team of expert project and site managers ensured that the project ran smoothly and that there was stakeholder engagement throughout.


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