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With its OCP Ready data centre campus strategically located just north of London, within the London-Stansted-Cambridge corridor, Kao Data offers optimised capacity for a range of applications from hyperscale, cloud and outsourced services, to HPC, colocation and retail uses.

Whilst the facilities have been designed to be ultra-secure and highly resilient, Kao Data understood the need for an ISO accredited integrated management system (IMS) to support the full scope of company plans and operations.

With a deep understanding of the requirements needed for the operations of critical facilities, Keysource in-house consultants and our expert partners were engaged to support the development, implementation and ongoing management of a fully Integrated Management System for Quality, Information Security, Environmental and Health & Safety from inception to accreditation and beyond.

The Keysource compliance team led the process to assist in the delivery of the services required for Kao Data to obtain successful accreditation to internationally recognised ISO standards with an external UKAS approved auditing body.

“Kao Data offers strategic data centre solutions for customers and partners across a infrastructure platform comprising of talent, technology, technical real estate and advanced business processes. We believe it is essential to provide the highest level of assurance for our customers by working within the framework of internationally recognised standards.

We chose Keysource because of their deep understanding of critical environments, specific business process and best practice, twinned with their proven ability to prepare and support organisations in the delivery of accreditations and broader integrated management systems.”

Paul FinchCOO

  • An Integrated Management System for quality, information security, environmental and health & safety management system was implemented 10 months. approved and audited to ISO standard by external UKAS bodies.
  • Implemented systems to improve environmental performance and reduce impact on the environment.
  • Enhanced KAO’s strong corporate governance, helping inspire trust, improve reputation and stakeholder confidence.
  • Implemented an integral system to ensure ongoing regulatory, legal and industry compliance.


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