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Keysource provided an ultra efficient, scalable, complete replacement data centre for the UK site of a leading global engineering, construction and services company. This has cut running costs, demonstrated technological and environmental leadership and created a differentiator for its downstream business.

The client uses technology leadership as a primary selling point for its services. It also expects to use technology in its own operations to cut costs for its customers. The replacement data centre it commissioned from Keysource had to fit this requirement. Keysource was appointed to act as principal contractor for the design and build of the new data centre. The facility has to be operational for at least 10 years – so Keysource had to develop a highly efficient data centre that would reduce the total cost of ownership continuously over its lifecycle.

Keysource developed a highly efficient complete data centre with a predicted design Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) measurement of just 1.3. The Data Centre infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) measurement is 77 per cent, creating a projected annual saving in power consumption of 4.1 million kW-h and a reduction in emissions of 2.2 million kg.

Central to the achievement is a bespoke cooling solution incorporating key elements of Keysource’s award-winning Ecofris design philosophy that provides free cooling up to 22 degrees ambient temperature and partial free cooling above this level. This has created increased savings based on lower operational expenditure when compared to a traditional cooling approach, greatly reducing the total lifecycle cost of the facility.The design has also adopted a scalable approach to handle future growth requirements. It has the ability to support up to a 550 kVA IT load and provides N+1 resilience throughout the infrastructure.


Jon HealyManaging Executive

Data centre and critical environment industry experience.

“I wanted to write personally to you to thank Keysource for the fantastic job undertaken in the design and construction of the new Data Center at KBR Leatherhead.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all the teams from sales, design, construction and support.

The level of professionalism demonstrated across the board has made the project run smoothly resulting in an amazing end result.”

Gordon Hollingworth Regional Operations Manager

  • Increased Performance – A DCiE of 77 per cent, representing an overall performance improvement of over 40 per cent when compared to the previous data centre infrastructure.
  • Energy Efficiency – A predicted design PUE measurement figure of 1.3 and a projected saving in annual power consumption of 4.1 million kW-h. A reduction in emissions of 2.2 million kg per year (based on full IT deployment), with actual savings of 1.8 million kW-h and 960,000 kg of emissions from day one (based on an initial IT deployment of 220 kW).
  • Future Proof – Support for high-density hardware platforms of up to 30kW per rack, whilst possessing the capability to support an IT load of 550kVA to handle future requirements.
  • Project Management – an end-to-end solution with highly responsive client service and project management. The data centre was completed on-budget and on-time.


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