Data Centre Certification

Ensuring your facility or critical environment meets industry best practice is essential to ensure your facility is operating as efficiently as possible, your staff and assets are protected in line with Health and Safety requirements, downtime is minimised and much more.

Once your data centre or environment has been audited and any recommendations have been actions, how do you communicate this to the wider audience? As well as being able to audit critical facilities against a wide range of criteria and outcomes, Keysource are also able to support and assist with the certification of your data centre.

Our expertise allows us to support, but is not limited to, the following data centre certification routes:

Data Centre Alliance Certification

Data Centre AllianceThe Data Centre Alliance (DCA) is a not-for-profit international industry association representing the interests of the data centre infrastructure sector. As a DCA partner we support the DCA and the wider industry in applying best practice and standards to current and new data centre developments.

Design Certification – We provide design audit services and advice, ensuring designs are completed in accordance with the relevant resilience class. We can help organisations review projects, ensuring the solution meets the original design.

Full Certification – We audit to ensure your facility is fit for purpose and help identify opportunities for improvement in four key areas, resilience, energy, security and operational standards. Our key role is helping individual organisations to achieve formal certification from the recognised body representing the data centre infrastructure sector and ensuring the wider industry is able to work to a common set of standards.

We also adhere to the following best practice standards:

    • BS EN 50600-2-5 Data centre facilities and infrastructures
    • TCT/7/3 Telecommunications; installation requirements: Facilities and Infrastructure

The Uptime Institute

Uptime InstituteThe Uptime Institute has developed three key areas of certification. Keysource has trained engineers to these standards so we can always provide the best advice to our customers.


Design certification – We provide design services and advice, ensuing designs are completed in accordance with the relevant tier rating.

Constructed Facility – We can help organisations review projects, ensuring the solution meets the original design.

Management and Operations – Aside from whether or not a facility is certified, the quality of its ongoing management and operations is crucial. We can carry out an audit or gap analysis against your own operational standards or in accordance with another recognised framework. This can provide you with the reassurance and, where needed, the roadmap to deliver the right ongoing operational support for your facility.

The Green Grid

the Green GridKeysource were early adopters of the now industry recognised The Green Grid Metric DCiE (data centre infrastructure efficiency) and PUE (power usage effectiveness). It is a very simple but effective way of understanding the efficiency of existing facilities as well as the choices available through the design process.

Data Centre Efficiency

We work with our customers to use metrics developed by The Green Grid in initial planning and design as well as ongoing optimisation. When considering existing facilities we are able to use these metrics in accordance with the right metering and monitoring  to provide some practical and real examples of areas where improved efficiency and resource management can deliver benefit for our customers. These areas include increased capacity, performance, availability and energy efficiency of the data centre.

EU Code of Conduct

EU Code of Conduct EndorserAs an endorser of the EU Code of Conduct we are recognised as an organisation that promotes the best practise guidelines set out in the paper. Keysource have been implementing best practise for many years and recognise the need to develop industry  wide guidelines for designers and operators.

With experienced members of our team trained in the EUCoC we can work with customers to help  them become participants in the scheme. Even if participation is not the objective, the adoption of best practise is still very important and we will be able to discuss the specific elements which apply to each individual customer and project.

We work closely with all relevant teams every step of the way to ensure everyone is working to the same goal.  Whether this includes workshops, stakeholder meetings or 1-2-1s, Keysource will be your trusted partner to help you to achieve certification from a wide range of industry leading sources.

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