Our approach to data centre optimisation

We focus on improving what you have already to deliver cost savings, performance gains and other business benefits. With continuous developments in technology and the drive to do more with less, we help customers to tackle these challenges in live environments.

We bring our data centre design and engineering expertise together to evaluate the best options and demonstrate a realistic business case for improvement. We’ll also show how to deliver this seamlessly within a live critical environment.

Improving performance and increasing efficiency

With a focus on data centre optimisation, we understand the huge potential that can be unlocked by evaluating what our customers have today and looking at ways to improve performance. We understand that no organisation stands still. With the new deployments of IT as well technology innovation and overall IT transformation, the data centre is a dynamically changing environment where nothing should be considered in isolation. There’s always an opportunity to make effective change and deliver better ongoing management of existing facilities.

Measurement and monitoring is key

With so many interdependencies and critical systems, affecting change can only be considered with real time accurate information. The effect of implementing a physical change could be catastrophic and cause serious business impact and downtime if done incorrectly. This can also impact other parts of the infrastructure so ensuring the right tools are used to capture and record data and then that information is used to provide insight and intelligence is key.

We bring together the skills and understanding to identify which tools will deliver the right, meaningful information and ensure recommendations or proposals can be modelled or predicted before any investment or commitment to upgrades or enhancements are made. These include temporary sensors and data loggers as well as environmental and plant monitoring systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Data Centre Infrastructure Management software to support our own engineers expertise. Furthermore once changes are made real time data can be captured and assessed to validate that changes made deliver the benefits and potential savings predicted in the planning stage.

With more than 30 years’ experience in designing, building and operating data centres and critical environments, we have helped many organisations to improve and upgrade existing facilities. We can meet your objectives and reduce risk, using our engineering expertise and understanding of all aspects of the infrastructure and facility lifecycle.

Keysource Optimisation Services (PDF)

Are you looking to maximise the performance of your facility or upgrade? Our experts will be happy to scope your requirements and explain the benefits available to you.

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