The importance of commissioning management

Ensuring all systems are tested and operating together requires planning, coordination and an expert understanding of the technology and infrastructure.

Working either client side as your consultant or as part of our delivery contract, we will take responsibility to ensure all testing and commissioning programmes are comprehensive and meet our customers needs and, as a minimum, the performance and design requirements in all conditions. We will support this by writing and approving all test schedules and data recorded including witness testing.

Plant commissioning

All plant equipment needs to be commissioned by a qualified engineer. This is to certify the installation and to ensure the equipment is operating correctly. This is normally a basic check which is in accordance with the manufacturers’ specification. On completion, all relevant certificates will be issued to the client.

Factory witness testing

In some situations, and for some equipment, factory tests other than those for QA may be required and as such we will work with customers to ensure FATs are carried out according to the requirements.

Integrated system testing

Each individual piece of plant equipment will be installed and commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. However in many instances for critical applications this is not sufficient.

Once all the equipment is installed and commissioned we carry out and manage full Integrated System Testing (IST). This is designed to test all elements of the facility and ensure they perform as one complete integrated system within the design parameters. The IST procedure will be developed specifically for each facility to test normal and failure scenarios based on the redundancy design and objectives of the test. This will be carried out following a predetermined and approved method statement created by our experts detailing all tests and failure scenarios to be tested.

Generally the facility will be loaded to normal operating conditions simulating IT equipment heat and power loads to ensure power and cooling infrastructure performs as expected. During failure scenarios expected alarms will be listed and logged by the onsite BMS or infrastructure management system. On completion of the IST all systems will have been robustly tested and allow the users to deploy the IT equipment confidently and with an excellent understanding of the facility operating under all conditions.


Often for existing facilities where upgrades are required or expansion phases are implemented existing components will need to be included in tests. Keysource will manage and plan testing including a full risk register to ensure new equipment can be tested as well as minimising risk to any existing live services.


Once tests are conducted full training can be managed to include hands on equipment and plant interface training as well as desk based and design configuration training. We will support existing or new operations and facilities teams to participate in and witness any site tests so they can see how equipment performs but importantly know what to do in certain scenarios. This supports the development of Standard Operating procedures (SOP’s) and Emergency Operating procedures (EOP’s)

If you need professional support to ensure your facility is running within the design specifications, our experts will be happy to scope your requirements and explain the benefits of this approach to you.

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