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Whether your goal is to optimise your estate, rationalise your infrastructure or sweat your assets – our consultants can help. Incorporating industry best practice along with proven success, our Environmental Optimisation Survey delivers clarity and enables you to make data led decisions.

Following a comprehensive audit of your estate, technology infrastructure and protocols, our EOS report delivers actionable insight and intelligence designed to help you meet your business objectives – now and in the future.

Organisations have different business drivers with specific technology infrastructure and operating requirements to meet these.

With over 40 years’ experience delivering data centre and critical infrastructure solutions for businesses across the globe our EOS report has been designed to reflect this. Our data centre Environment Optimisation Study covers it’s business function, technical performance and operating compliance.

The report will identify areas of opportunity with a clear business case, including technical and commercial implications of any proposed changes.



Universities face growing challenges to meet student and research requirements, often working within limited real estate footprints, and listed or historical buildings. Our EOS enables you to have a clear picture of your technology assets and infrastructure across your campus, supporting your master planning and energy optimisation requirements.


The accuracy, speed and efficiency of technology and applications within the healthcare sector is vital, each helping deliver and sustain a competitive edge. Our vast experience across healthcare and research allows us to bring unrivalled expertise, ensuring world class insight and solutions.

Data Centre Operators

Professional data centre operators have to deal with a vast number of variables within their data halls and across their data centre estates. Different technologies, as well as resilience; availability, and security needs, often means data centres have infrastructure that is well above requirement. Combining your data allows our consultants to model your options and optimise your estate whilst still meeting your customers requirements.

Finance and Banking

The finance and banking market is rapidly evolving. As consumers expect more from their digital banking solutions, technology infrastructure needs to keep pace. With availability, security and sustainability high on the agenda large Tier IIII facilities are no longer fit for purpose and need to be replaced with efficient, scalable environments that can support mixed and high-density compute. Our optimisation study can uncover quick wins as well as helping you build a roadmap for change.

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